Airport Meet & Greet

ETA management of airport transfers begins long before your guests arrive. Upon receipt of your manifest, we create a customized database containing all the pertinent flight arrival and departure information for each member of your group. Changes in your manifest will be updated continually in order to assure the accuracy and timeliness of your guests’ transfers.

Your ETA manager will analyze the arrival and departure patterns of your group to assign appropriate transportation resources. ETA optimizes vehicle use by defining, along with the client, the appropriate service for your attendees to experience. Prior to the day of arrival, copies of the manifest are provided to key personnel at the hotel to assist in coordinating hotel check-in procedures and staffing (i.e., bellman, front desk personnel, etc.).

ETA creates a custom “Welcome Flyer” which includes client/meeting logo, hotel contact information and easy to follow step-by-step instructions of what to do once they de-board their plane in Atlanta. Additionally, we include a 24-hour contact number to call should your guests make flight changes, experience a flight cancellation, etc., so that, if needed, we can rearrange a transfer for the new arriving flight.

ETA will provide uniformed staff to meet and greet your arriving passengers at the various arrival points within the airport facility. Airport arrival points are as follows:

  • Concourses A – E: Top of the escalators leading up from the tram that serve the 5 concourses.
  • T Concourse: The concourse empties out into the Main Terminal corridor that leads into baggage claim and Ground Transportation. ETA staff will meet them at this arrival point.
  • American Airlines: AA arrives on the T Concourse; guests are met in the AA Baggage Claim area.

ETA staff will display greeter signs, usually displaying the company or association logo or name of conference. Greeters will be stationed at the entrance to the baggage claim area and will direct arriving passengers to designated baggage claim carousels. Once the baggage has been retrieved, passengers are either escorted directly to their waiting vehicle or grouped until their scheduled vehicle departs. Exclusive transfer equipment will await passengers. Radio contact is used by all airport staff to maximize communications and efficiency as well as with the hotel to facilitate hotel arrivals times and proper hotel staffing levels to assist arriving guests.

Should passengers not receive all of their checked luggage, ETA staff will accompany the guest to the proper airline claim office and record all pertinent data relative to the delayed luggage. During the time ETA staff is scheduled to be at the airport, they will periodically track this delayed luggage and work with the airline for its immediate transfer to the hotel on other vehicles.

ETA will provide a schedule for departures based on the final manifest and will coordinate the delivery of these notices (if requested by client) with the hotel. Delivery charges will be the responsibility of the client. We will also work closely with the hotel to schedule bag pull times and advise them of transportation departure times. On departure day, uniformed staff will be at the hotel to coordinate exclusive transfers and luggage handling.