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Event Transportation/Atlanta provides top-notch Transportation and Destination Management services to event and meeting planners, corporations, and venues throughout metro Atlanta.  With 30 years of experience and a leadership team connected to the best resources available, an unmatched attention to detail and a passion for hospitality, we go the extra mile to ensure the success of your events and meetings.

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Why Work with a Transportation Management Company?

Having a local expert on your team, especially when it comes to transportation, is critical to the success of your event. By working with a Destination Management Company (DMC), you can be confident in remaining on schedule and providing the best experience possible to your guests.

Save time by ensuring everyone’s transportation is correct.

It’s inevitable that attendees will have concerns or complaints about their transportation. With a DMC and local expert, these issues can be handled much faster and to greater attendee satisfaction.

Event attendees are in their seats and ready to begin on time.

You’ve worked hard to plan your event and the last thing you or your attendees want is to be late. With a DMC factors such as traffic, parking, and much more are accurately considered to keep you on schedule.

Get higher scores and satisfaction from your attendees.

Studies have shown that meetings where a DMC was used received higher scores in post-event surveys and evaluations from their attendees.

Event Planners can focus on the details of the event.

Let a DMC handle the major and minor details of transporting, hosting, and entertaining your guests so that you can focus on the specifics of your event and provide the best experience possible.


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