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Georgia Chapter MPI: A Steamy Summer Chat with Shining Star Winner Tara Brashear!

What hobbies or activities, outside of GaMPI of course, interest you?
I love traveling.  Last year I went to the British Virgin Islands on a sailing trip.  This year I’m going to Italy.  It’s a 7 day sailing trip in Italy with 8 friends.  We are going to the Italian Mediterranean
Side Note – the interviewer is green with envy

You enjoy working for your company because…
I like the fact that they allow us to take ownership in the work that we do and the projects that we work on.  And I love that we are an employee owned company.

One of your goals for 2011 is…  
I’ve just been nominated to the GaMPI BOD as a Director of Strategic Events so I’m really looking forward to putting a lot of creative energy into that project and role.

If you could be in another profession, you would have chosen…
I’ve honestly never thought about that.  I started in the hotel industry which is what I always wanted to do and now I’ve moved into trade shows.

You are part of GaMPI because …
Because of the networking that it allows me to achieve and because of the prestige of the association.

Your favorite food and beverage is…  
Mexican food is my ultimate favorite food.  And I’m a bud light girl.

Being a “Shining Star” means to you…      
It’s a personal accomplishment; to show that my hard work and dedication to the hospitality industry has paid off.  It’s quite an honor to be recognized by your peers.

Interviewed by Yorke Gale, Event Transportation/Atlanta

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