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Drum Cafe Fun at GaMPI

October Educational Program

drum cafe photoDid you participate in the Drum Café experience at the October GaMPI program? The interactive drumming program, where everyone plays a drum, is a passionate and engaging alternative to the traditional keynote, conference opener or team building activity. The setting and experience energizes your audience and generates laughter, fun, connections and teambuilding.

Studies suggest that three days after an event, drum cafe photoattendees retain 65 percent more from a presentation that engages multiple senses and encourages active participation. Drum Café will unite, uplift and inspire your next group activity, and will create powerful interactive experiences your clients will never forget; a visceral, tactile, cognitive and emotional event.

If you attended the program, it is likely you are able to recall that experience clearly from memory. Is that recall capability as strong with other presentations you’ve experienced?

For more information, and to book Drum Café for an upcoming meeting, contact Michelle Comrie, Drum Café Experience Architect at 1-888-310-3786, or


jeff whitney
Jeff Whitney
President, Georgia Chapter of Meeting Professionals International

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