Dinners & Dine-Arounds

ETA can open the doors to an unlimited number of delicious dining out options. From upscale, fine dining to casual, local favorites, ETA can match your expectations to the right environment and menu. We’ll submit a list of restaurants based on your interests, along with best options for seating and custom menus featuring their most popular specialties.

In the “Heart of the City”, you’ll find an amazing array of restaurant offerings and settings within walking distance of your hotel.

The Midtown area is constantly transitioning and growing, emerging into a center of around-the-clock activity with great restaurants, lively night clubs, local theater and much, much more (10 minutes north of Downtown).

Atlanta’s most prestigious residential, retail and restaurant area offers the best the city has to offer. Casual to fine dining; regional, international, trendy cuisines; you’ll find something in Buckhead to satisfy every palate (20 minutes north of Downtown).

Virginia-Highland & Decatur
A popular neighborhood district, Virginia-Highland and Decatur offer exceptional restaurants nestled amongst quaint shops, galleries and nightclubs (15 minutes east of Downtown).

This bustling business center features wonderful restaurants that cater to every taste and budget (25 minutes north of Downtown).

A quaint neighborhood where guests and residents alike can enjoy casual and fine dining while hearing the nostalgic whistles of nearby trains (20 minutes northwest of Downtown).